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My Mother Put Me out of her House Because of Her Man


Dear Mckoy.

I’m 19 years old. was living with my mom but presently sleeping from friends to friends.  Ever since my mom got involved with this man she is with nothing between my mom and me remains the same. That Mother and son relationship has died.

I don’t know any family for my mom and I don’t know my father. Whenever I ask about my father she gets upset and says “yuh nu ave nu fada” So because of that I tried not to ask her because I figured things didn’t go well for her and whoever my dad is.

Now what’s hurting me is this man my mom took in to live with her is a known womanizer and pickpocket. I have seen him picked pocket before he came to live with my mom, but I never told her. But since he moved in, he told my mom I don’t like him and she is to Let me go on my own or else he’s leaving her. So she put Me out and said I don’t like her man and she’s not making because of me her life is unhappy.

I don’t know any family, I’m now bouncing from friends to friends I don’t want to become a criminal but it seems like that’s all the options I am left with.
Someone, please help me find some of my family that might help me. Thank you.

Andell   Kingston.


Dear Andell: Your story is very touching. But based on the information you have given us, one of our team members will contact you via the phone numbers you provided.

What I do suggest in the meantime is that you try to keep as calm and strong as possible and do not lose your faith in being a good young man.   Based on your story we know your hurting and what your mother has done is totally unacceptable! No parents should put out their child or children because of a partner.

Mothers and Fathers I urge that you be more protective of your children and stop putting man and woman before your youths!  The children are our future.

We will keep in touch.

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