My Mother Man Wants To Sleep With Me

Dear Mckoy: My Mother Man Wants To Sleep With Me– My mother and I have been working for her boyfriend sometime now. Since recently my mom was away and he made a few sexual passes at me then pretended it was an accident.

I told my mom about it and he denied it, and so she believed him and claimed that I’m just making it up because I do not like him.
He makes me very uncomfortable because now that she is backing him he feels he has the right to continue trying at me because he knows that she will never believe even if I told her.
Not sure what to do.

Moya.   Duncans

Dear Moya: Sorry to know you’re facing such deceive from your mother that should be protecting you.
What I do suggest is that you try speaking with a family member that you feel comfortable with or report the matter to the nearest police station let them deal with the matter.

In doing so seek another job and get out of the way of this man and your mother. Before he ruined your life and she covers for him.

All the Best.

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