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My Husband Cheating With Girls On His Facebook

Dear Mckoy: My Husband Cheating With Girls On His Facebook–  I have been married to my husband for 3 years, we have been together since I was about 16 years old and I am now 29.  We share two beautiful children.

For the past couple of months, it has been a battlefield with my marriage. I was not sure what the problem was and wasn’t even suspicious of my husband cheating. Until I started receiving a lot of provocative messages and comments on my Facebook pictures and inbox.

I hide nothing from my husband and being the faithful wife I have been over the years I expected my husband to protect my children and me from any mistress he may bring in our marriage.
After showing him the messages and comments from a specific homewrecker he said I was to just ignore her. So I did as he suggested.

Now just about two days ago he told me he had an assignment in the country so he wouldn’t be home until the weekend.  I respect my husband’s job so it wasn’t much of a deal.

Now to my surprise, I  received an unscrupulous message from the same person only this time with a picture of her and my husband in bed. I almost collapsed. I immediately called him but no answer.

About an hour or so he came home as if everything was okay and claiming that she is just being mischievous. And if I don’t believe him I can go but leave the children.
This woman has my husband and her pictures all over Facebook and he’s acting like he doesn’t care or I’m just going crazy.
I’m frustrated and depressed. I’m not sure what to do.

Frustrated wife.

Dear Frustrated wife: Your story is a very touching one. Especially knowing that children are involved.
But based on the details you provided it’s very clear that your husband doesn’t respect or care about the protection of his family from public scandal. Especially on Facebook. 

First, to commence he should have put a immediate stop to whoever his mistress is that was sending you provocative messages and comments. That should have never happened. But he’s your husband and you both have children together so your situation is somewhat a little sensitive.

What I do suggest is that you and your husband try speaking with a family counselor and see how best you can both work things out.

Good luck.

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