My Baby Mother Refuses to Let Me See My Son

Dear Mckoy:  

I’m a 20 years old young man from a Kingston address. I was involved with a girl the same age as myself for 3 yrs. When we both were 19 she got pregnant. During her pregnancy I found out she cheated with evidence, but with the fact that she was my first love and was carrying our child, I forgive her and decided to make things work.

Eventually, it reached a point where we just weren’t getting along so we broke up, but would still keep in touch. Until I notice she blocked me from communicating with her. I spoke to my mom about it and she told me pregnancy can make a woman be like that so I should give her space.

As time passed I needed to know her due date and all necessity. So I tried contacting her but failed. Until a closed friend sent me a link to Facebook where I learnt the woman carrying my baby got married to another man.

I was traumatised and almost lost my mind, my mom had to console me. Eventually, the child was born and she contacted me and my mom saying it’s my child. Both my mom and I told her we need to see the baby and she said she will let us know when we can see the baby.

My mom insisted that she wants to know the baby and asked her again when could we see my son. She then blocked all contacts from us and I have no other way to see my child, even to know him. I am trying to keep out of trouble. I need to see my child. I am not sure what to do.

Calm.  Kingston.

Dear Calm, 
I would suggest you give her space and allow her to come around in her own timing as time goes by. I would also suggest if and when she does allows you to see the child you demand a DNA. Because in my opinion it’s a possibility the man she got married to at such late stage of her pregnancy could be the father and so she’s keeping away from you by all means. 

Take it easy, let time reveals itself.


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