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My Adopted Brother wants to get Intimate with Me for $5000


Dear Mckoy,

I grew up in a home where my parents would help the less fortunate children and so they adopted a young man who I grew up with and respected as a brother figure.

Over the years as we became adults, we started liking each other on an intimate level. Yes, we got intimate and were together for about two years, but it became complicated so I ended the relationship between us and kept it as a brother and sister relationship.

Now I realize that he has not seen past the intimacy between us and keeps asking me for more. I rejected him and he still insists to the extreme where he is offering me money for sex. I keep rejecting.

Now just a few days ago, he came back offering me $5000 to have sex with him. I bluntly rejected and so he left.

He makes me very uncomfortable but I just can’t seem to hate him.

I have no intimate feelings for him. I see him as a brother.  I’m not sure what to do.

Mel.  St Andrew.


Dear Mel: Thank you for sharing your story with us. I would suggest you try reasoning with your adopted brother and express exactly how you feel about the situation.

And let him know you see him as a brother and if he continues to pursue intimacy to you, you’ll have to end all associations with him.

I also suggest you try talking with a family member you feel comfortable talking with and maybe have them talking with him about the situation. And hope he’ll stop. And be normal as you seem to rather.


Good Luck.

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