Murdered after Refusing to Give Credit

(Alan Lewin-News Reporter): The community of Rose Heights in St James is in mourning, and at a loss for words, as residents try to come to terms with the tragic way in which  48-year-old Glenroy Bent lost his life.

According to reports to McKoy’s News, Bent, who many call John or Bobo, was shot and killed by a gunman known to him for several years. It is reported that on Friday, July 17, the gunman went to Bobo’s shop and sought to credit goods from him. Bobo refused, as the man already owed him $3,000 for goods over a period.

Bobo’s refusal angered the man who left. He returned with a gun and shot Bobo multiple times all over his body. Boob was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Bent who also hails from Long Bay was well-loved by the citizens and the children of the community due to his kindness. Bobo’s common-law wife of 20 years who resides in the USA, and mother of his two children was lost for words also. “I was getting ready to come home to look for him this month, then suddenly I got the sad news that a man close to him whom he has assisted on more than one occasion was so wicked to take his life. The children are so saddened with this tragic incident, they are trying to cope I have to be cheering them up.

Over the years Bobo did steelwork and at times he would travel overseas to work. The Montego Bay police are carrying out their investigation to apprehend the suspect.

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation
Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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