Munro College 2017 School’s Challenge Quiz Competition Winner

School's Challenge Quiz
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Congratulations to Munro College, who won the coveted 2017 School’s Challenge Quiz competition after defeating Titchfield High School 27-24.

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (McN) – ‘In Arce Sitam Quis Occultabit’,  meaning ‘A City Set On a Hill Cannot be Hid’ is the motto of the 6 time champion, of  the 48 year old School’s Challenge Quiz, Munro College.


Titchfield High School, who were the defending champion, fought to retain their title in the third section, but Munro College, the 5 times winners then, were adamant in taking the title to make it 6.


School’s Challenge Quiz is in its 48th year and many schools, including Munro College, have toiled very hard to make it to the finals.


Munro College is the 2nd most successful school to have won School’s Challenge Quiz, behind Kingston College, and are hoping to surpass them in the coming years of the competition. The school have won the oldest quiz competition in the island in 1979, 1984, 1991, 2003 and now 2017.


The Munro College quiz team members consists of  Kirkland Webb, Delano Mullings,  Carlton Collins and captain Jaimie Lee Vernon who spoke briefly that it was a culmination of sheer dedication and they are reaping the benefits of their sacrifice.


Kayodi Drake, the coach of the champion school, was a member of the winning Schools Challenge Quiz team of St. Jago High School, who won it in 2008.


Minister of Education, Honorable Ruel Reid, is a former Head-boy of Munro College and a former Master teacher at the prestige boarding boys school. The coaches of Calabar High School and Glenmuir High School quiz team, are also former students of Munro College.


The sponsors for TVJ’s Schools Challenge Quiz 2017 are Digicel, National Commercial Bank, Lasco, the Kingston Bookshop, Wisynco (through its WATA and CRANWATA brands) and the JTA Co-operative Credit Union.


The prestigious school was founded in 1865, a free school for poor boys in St. Elizabeth as Potsdam school ( named after the city of Potsdam), as stipulated in the will of plantation owners Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson.


The name was changed to Munro College during World War 1, as part of the general rejection rejection of German names at the time, though the surrounding Potsdam district was not renamed.

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