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Multi-Vehicle Accident on Mandela Highway

Multi-Vehicle Accident on Mandela Highway

The multi-vehicles collision at the Portmore turnoff on Mandela Highway in Caymanas Estate, St. Catherine as individuals travelling in a taxi and a minibus on Saturday night, had to be rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital shortly after the accident in the parish.

Multi-Vehicle Accident on Mandela Highway

The police reported that the Toyota minibus driver plies the Bayside, Portmore to Spanish Town route disobeyed the red light by driving through the traffic light signal to stop, and the bus crashed onto the Toyota Corolla taxi that was heading towards Spanish Town and also collided with the Lexus sports utility vehicle (SUV) that was in line to turn from Portmore onto Mandela Highway heading to Kingston. Minor damage was done to the front of the SUV.

Other persons who witnessed the accident stated that the main door on the left side of the bus came off completely before some passengers in the minibus were thrown from the vehicle.

The driver of the minibus reportedly fled the scene after the accident. During the investigations, it is revealed that the public passenger vehicle (PPV) was not insured.

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