Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News) MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR HEIST: The Area One Fraud Squad in Montego Bay, St James have now joined forces with the Montego Hills police to apprehend two armed robbers who made off with loot estimated in the regions of over four million following a daring robbery at a premise along Crichton Drive in Salt Spring area.

Reports by the Investigators are that, about 10:30 pm on Thursday the victim, who is a popular craft vendor was awaken from his sleep by strange sounds in his bedroom.

He jumped from his sleep and came face to face with two masked men armed with handguns who enter the room after placing a tall ladder on the side of the house and forcing open the window.

It is further reported that the armed robbers bound his mouth before ordering him to open his safe.

The men proceeded to rob him of American, Jamaican and English currencies estimated in the rejoins of over half a million Jamaican dollars.

The victim was also robbed of jewelry, watches, tablets and cell phones valued more than 1.5 million Jamaican dollars.

The armed robbers then took the keys to the victims Honda motor car before escaping through the said window.

One investigator theorized that a multi-million dollar heist of this nature is more likely to be an inside job.

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