‘Muck’ Charged with Double Murder

The St James police are reporting that a wanted man who was apprehended on Thursday, March 18, for his alleged involvement in several murders committed across the community of Norwood, also in St James, has now been charged with double murder.

He has been identified as Navarone Haase, otherwise called ‘Muck’, unemployed of Norwood, and he has since been charged with the murders of 47-year-old Donovan Reid, and 20-year-old Nicardo Daley.

Haase has also been charged with, Wounding with Intent, and Illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Reports are that about 8:00 pm, on Friday, January 15, Haase and a group of heavily armed men, allegedly went on a shooting spree in sections of Norwood, where they shot and killed Reid and Daley, and wounded several other persons.

He managed to elude the police on several occasions, until his capture two weeks ago.

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