Muchett High School Student Shot Dead, as She Retured from the Bushes

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

St. James, Jamaica (McN) –  A 16 years old  student who attends the Muchett High School, in St James was shot and killed by gunmen on Friday night, April 7, after the bus she was traveling in stopped.

She has been identified as Shanique Rose of Content District also in the parish of St. James.

Reports are that, about 11:30 p m on Friday, Rose and some friends were returning home from a birthday party.

On reaching a section of the main road at Lima District, Rose told the bus driver that she wanted to urinate and the driver pulled over the motor-vehicle along the roadway. Minutes later a motorcar with four men on board drove up to the bus.

The driver of the car reportedly pulled over and started an argument with the bus driver.

The argument is alleged to have surrounded the driver of the bus parking the vehicle with beaming headlights. The driver of the car reportedly quarreled with bus driver that he should not park the bus on the roadway, with his bright lights still on.

During the argument two of the men alighted from the car brandishing handguns, and fired several shot in the directions where the bus driver was standing; the driver reportedly ran away in hiding to avoid being killed.

Mckoy’s News understands that the Muchett High School student who had just finished urinating and was coming from the bushes, came upon the gunfire and was shot to the upper regions of his body.

The gunmen drove from the scene and Rose was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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