Mrs Carolyn Warren Blew it

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Jamaica News: For those of us not generationally burdened with politically cultic and tribal urges, Mrs. Carolyn Warren’s story of a single drug conviction in 1995 invoked in us the need to accept her redemption and, if not offer her total forgiveness then at the least, offer her a hand of understanding.

Her story had all of the elements that begged out for understanding. She was a black daughter of the soil and was not, of the manor, born. Many of those who are social travelers between the classes know that many factions in the upper classes are pits of corruption but, their deeds are always skillfully navigated away to secrecy while society is mainly set to unearth the misdeeds of the voiceless, powerless underclass

A woman she was and, although she was a public servant being paid by the people’s tax dollars we were prepared to accept her word that she had turned her life around. According to the words being uttered by her mouth.

After PNP spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell began to call for her removal from head of NESOL based on the revelation of a drug conviction in 1995, I interviewed her the next day on Cliff Hughes Online. She was quite contrite as I asked her to give me details about what had happened.

In retrospect she tricked me by drawing for the sympathy card. She said,’Mr Wignall I don’t want to go into all of those things because I have put them behind me and don’t want to dwell on them.’ According to the implication in what she said, she had so turned her life around that she wanted us to implicitly accept that she was an upstanding citizen.

The very same day, Paulwell called the programme and, armed with the same information as the rest of us, he accepted a number of realities. One, he admitted that both political parties tend to stock key posts with their political loyalists.

The rightness and the wrongness of it was not explored but I don’t think it would have been difficult for him to accept that in a perfect polity, the best person for the job would trump political connections. Plus, he accepted that all individuals, under the tenets of restorative justice, deserve a second chance.

The Jamaica music fraternity was plunged into mourning after the passing of “Carrot” formerly of world renowned group Third World.

A few days after that, the PNP began to spread the revelation that Warren had other convictions and charges. Cliff Hughes, top journalist and close friends with her spoke to her afterwards and she pooh poohed the idea of any other charges.

Hughes did not just accept her word but probed matters at the Criminal Records Office. Backwards in its record-keeping, all it showed was the one criminal conviction. Then a PNP source made contact with Cliff and showed him a printout of a document which indicated additional charges.

The person refused to make a copy available to him as he had apparently obtained it by ‘backdoor’ means. Again Hughes called Warren and she unequivocally denied as before. It was then that Cliff was led to the Expungement Application records office where a 2015 application in her name showed three convictions and seven charges.

Plus, the lady had the gall to use his name and his mother’s name as references!

Again Hughes called her and she denied as before. It was only when Hughes told her what he had in front of him that she confessed to everything.

I can buy the idea that Warren was being practical by hiding the full truth. Maybe she was deathly scared when faced with the reality of society. But true redemption requires that one gain 100% familiarity with the truth.

That Warren would deliberately and selfishly lie on a key matter to someone, a top journalist, who had given her a job and a second chance in life ought to indicate that her train to redemption was still, unfortunately saddled with major personality quirks.

Three convictions. Simple Larceny in 1993, two drug conveyancing charges in 1995 and 1996. I don’t believe that she will ever go that route again but, after a ton-load of lying, all of the initial sympathies have evaporated.


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