Mr. Vegas, Shenseea Share Sweet Videos With Sons Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

What do you do when your child starts asking you questions you don’t have the answer to? Send them to God – at least that’s what dancehall singjay Mr. Vegas did when his son Carter asked a question most of us have pondered: when will the coronavirus go away?

“I don’t know, ask God,” Vegas responded in an Instagram video of their ‘son and father’ reasoning. “What must I ask God? You ask him,” Carter insisted, even reminding him of the time he claimed to have had a phone number for the man upstairs.

“I lost his number”, Vegas said. “No you didn’t…stop lying” Carter poked.

Vegas probed, asking his young one why he wants the pandemic to disappear. Truth be told, he wants to kick it on the beach. “So what about school?” his dad asked.

Carter insisted that school was boring, but Vegas, who earned his high school diploma from the Department of Education in Florida, the United States, last year, is not about to let his kid forego his education.

“You said you wanna be a doctor right, how you gonna be a doctor without school?” he started. “So all you want God to do is remove the coronavirus so you can go to the beach? That’s all you want? “Yeah,” Carter stood his ground.

“So talk to Him”, the dad said.

In a matter of seconds, still cushioned on his father’s arm, Carter posited his question to God, and there was a moment of silence as he awaited a response.

The boy’s prayer was not answered.  “Maybe He doesn’t wanna talk to you…maybe because you don’t like school,” Vegas jabbed. “Say you like school and see if He talks to you.”

Frustrated, Carter yielded and said he likes school, and tried asking God about the duration of the coronavirus once more. “He’s not talking!” he said after more silence.

The conversation may have ended there for Vegas and son, but continues in the households of many parents who are spending more time with their children thanks to the corona-induced quarantine.

It’s not just children who are testing their parents. The roles reverse in some households, like Shenseea‘s for instance.

“I’m one of the annoying and fun moms,” she captioned in a recent Instagram post.

Singing her rendition of Deborah Cox’s Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here, the Shenyeng boss trolls her four-year-old by getting up in his face, but he just wants to play on his phone.

“Yuh too loud,” the child said before letting out a frustrated grunt. “Be considerate!”

As we indulge in these snippets of behind-the-scenes life with Jamaican celebrities, Carter’s question remains valid.  When will the coronavirus go away?


Source: Dancehallmag

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