Mr. Vegas Hits Out At “Dons” In Jamaica

Famous Dancehall recording artiste Mr. Vegas, took to Instagram this morning to speak out against “dons” in Jamaica.

In the video, Vegas questioned the significance of dons in the island, stating that he does not understand the importance of such a temporary title or position.

“All dem titles deh an di people dem weh attach to dem titles deh, majority a dem deh a prison, got killed by their own brothers or by the government,” says Vegas, as he questioned why individuals crave this position with such minute survival rate.

Vegas continued to direct questions at his audience as he tried to make sense of the reasons that lead an individual down that path. He became emotional asking, what was the benefit of putting their parents through the pain of seeing their child becoming a “waste?”

The artiste went further to discuss the political affiliations of said dons, who allegedly carry out illegal activities for politicians. He pointed out that politicians are using the dons because, at the end of the day, they [dons] are the ones left to face the consequences.

“An mi nah see nuh politician ina prison…dat mean say a use yah get use den.”
Mr. Vegas further implied that some politicians are also to be blamed, because as soon as one don is cut down, they find another to “take care of business” for them.

The video comes days after popular dancehall artiste Dexta Daps was released without charge after being arrested for alleged gang-related activities in the South St. Andrew area. Dexta Daps, whose real name is Louis Grandison was arrested 4 weeks ago by several armed police officers in Seaview Gardens where he resides.

Since January 1, 2020, the Jamaican government has placed South St. Andrew under a State of Emergency (SOE), following the rise in murders in the area. In February, Prime Minister Andrew Holness noted that “in St Andrew South the main cause of death is gangs”. Murders have been rapidly increasing in the area, surpassing the number of crimes for the corresponding period last year. Holness said added that “Violence is at epidemic proportions in Jamaica … the main cause of death is gangs, dons, and guns”.


Source: Dancehallmag

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