Mr. Vegas & Dr. Love Collaborate For ‘Entanglement’ After Years Of Feuding: Listen

Dancehall recording artiste Mr. Vegas and popular social media vlogger, now turned music producer, Dr. Love, have officially ended their feud. For over eight years the artists have publicly displayed their dislike for each other, disagreeing on everything, from music to religion.

Dr. Love hosted a Facebook watch party on Thursday, August 5th, where he made the announcement that Mr. Vegas was now his friend. The aspiring producer declared that he has changed his life and is moving in a different direction. It is clear that this direction is towards music.

The former vlogger played a clip of a song by Mr. Vegas titled Entanglement, which was recorded by MCCS Record Label. However, to everyone’s surprise, the rhythm was produced by Dr. Love himself. He thanked Mr. Vegas for collaborating with him and sang his praises throughout the video.
Dr. Love

Vegas, known for a string of hits over the years such as Heads HighHot Wuk and Tek Weh Yuhself, is no stranger to public disputes. This revelation of a project between two former foes is a refreshing change in the dancehall fraternity. As Dr. Love told the STAR, “After a while, you can’t keep doing the same things over and over. You have to give up certain things and move if you want to get better and grow.”

This will be the first project for the entertainer and collaborating with his former foe, Mr. Vegas, is most definitely an important milestone for them both. It was Dr. Love who approached the deejay in hopes that he would voice his rhythm. Without any hesitation or ill feelings, Vegas agreed and they are now colleagues.

Dr. Love says he expects to release the rhythm by the end of September. He also said that the project will feature artistes including Tony Rebel, Anthony B, Abby Dallas, and Da’Ville.


Source: Dancehallmag

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