Mr Chumps Scores with ‘A Wah Place’

December 22, 2017 – Mckoy’s News (Jamaican News) 

Mr Chumps: Top Montego Bay DJ Mr Chumps is now reaping some amount of success with his new number one song. The song which is entitled ‘A Wah Place’ is number one on the BOJ Reggae top 20 musical chart. Born Calvin Clarke in the Granville community of St James, he had it hard while growing up in this hostile community. He saw music as a way to reach out to the world, for him to make a better living and also a way to lift the spirit and to meditate. He was inspired by his favorite childhood artiste Super Cat, who at the time, released a song called ‘Vineyard Party’. He started his major recording in 2001 with a song called ‘Pure Bling Bling’. But it was not until 2007 he carved out his first number one song ‘Trick Dem and Buss’.

He took a break from the music business and returned in 2016 with over 10 songs, scoring numerous hits and gaining even more popularity, with hits like ‘Too Far, Wuk Fah, Life, Family, Rule The World, Mind Yu Step, Cambio Difference and Rise Gun’. The one that he is now hoping that will secure his world tour is ‘A Wah Place’. This song is on the lips of all dancehall fans. Mr Chumps is currently working with producers such as Netspen Entertainment, Bigzz Million Ent, YGF Records, SR Records and CC Entertainment.



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