Mount Salem Stages Massive Protest after Police Kills Alleged Gunman

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Mount Salem Stages Massive Protest: Dozens of angry residents, from the community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay, St James took to the streets of the community on Wednesday morning, and staged a massive demonstration over the fatal police shooting of 22-year-old Rupert Johnson, otherwise called “Shine Head” unemployed of Crawford Street also in Mount Salem.

The police labeled Johnson as an alleged gunman, who fired on the police and was shot and killed during the shootout.

The Mount Salem police stated that, Johnson was considered to be a violent producer, who was reporting on bail condition, at the Mount Salem police station on murder charges.


There was a strong protest from angry residents, who lit several fires and used debris to block sections of the Mount Salem main road.

The police said that, on Wednesday about 4:15 am, they went to the home of the deceased at Crawford Street, armed with a search warrant to search for illegal firearms.

They further stated that, upon reaching the premises,  Johnson reportedly opened the gate but ran out while shooting at the police party.

The lawmen said, they took evasive actions and returned the fire, during the shootout Johnson was shot and wounded. A .45 semi-automatic pistol containing 6 live .45 rounds was taken from him.

He was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A team from INDECOM is now carrying out investigations into this latest police shooting.


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