Motorists Angry over Deplorable Roads Conditions in Hanover

Hundreds of disgruntled motorists who plies the main road from Anchovy, in St James, through Eastern Hanover to Savanna-la-mar, have lashed out at the relevant authorities over the deplorable condition of that particular roadway.

One motorist who said he was born in the parish of Hanover, said that the particular section of roadway has been in a deplorable condition for years, but that this is the worst he has seen it.

He stated that the road which is laden with huge pot holes, are causing extensive damages to vehicles, and has caused him several tyres over the recent months.

One returning resident called the roadway a disgrace.

He said that this is the worst he has seen anywhere in the Island, and also that since he had returned to the island, he is aware of several accidents taking place along that section of roadway, and persons being seriously injured.

The residents called on the relevant authorities, including the National Works Agency to address the deplorable roadway.

We were unable to get a comment from the National Works Agency to find out if there were plans to carry out work on that section of roadway over the coming weeks.

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