Motorist pepper-sprayed in front of children

A motorist involved in a physical tussle with three police officers has had charged laid against him after video footage captured him being pepper-sprayed on Wednesday morning.

The charges include resisting arrest.

The motorist who was travelling with two children, a boy and girl, was pepper-sprayed and handcuffed after being asked by police to produce his documents. He was pulled over by the police after making a U-turn at the intersection of the Grenada Crescent, New Kingston and proceeded to travel in a southward direction.

The man declined to produce his documents and was involved in a fiery verbal exchange with the officers.

The exchange led to a physical tussle, and to the man being pepper-sprayed in front of the children. He was then taken away by the cops. A police sergeant chastised the man, advising him that if he had complied with the officers request the incident would have been deescalated and prevented the entire incident.


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