Motorcycle Gunman who Tried to Elude the Police, Hospitalized after Crashing into Bicycle

Latest Jamaica News, Westmoreland (McKoy’s News): One of two motorcycle gunmen who attempted to elude the police in Frome, Westmoreland, on Saturday, August 31, is now at hospital under police guard, after he reportedly lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a pedal cyclist.

The police say an illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition were also taken from the injured gunman, whose identity is being withheld.

Reports by the Frome police are that about 3:20 p.m, a team of police were on operation along a section of the roadway in Frome, when they saw two men traveling on a motorcycle, and signaled the rider to stop.

The rider disobeyed and sped away, and the police gave chase.

After they reached a section of the roadway, the rider lost control of the motorcycle which crashed into a pedal cyclist who was traveling in the opposite direction.

The police caught up with both men who were thrown on the roadway, but the pillion managed to drag himself to his feet and escape in bushes.

The other man who sustained serious injuries was held by the police, and a search of his person led to the seizure of one Taurus 9mm pistol, fitted with a magazine containing eighteen live rounds of ammunition.

Both injured victims were transported to hospital, where the gunman was admitted under police guard.

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