Mother of Mario Deane Speaks Out

(McKoy’s News) –  Mother of Mario Deane Speaks Out: It has been three years since the death of 31 year-old construction worker Mario Deane, who was beaten to death in a cell at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay.

On August 3, 2017, Deane’s mother, Mercia Frazer, journeyed to Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay to stand up for justice for her son. “I felt good that I went out there and even though there was little support, I will do it again,” Frazer told McKoys News.

Frazer went on further to say that when it comes close to the anniversary of her son’s death, she feels hurt and just wanted to cry. She also said it brings back memories and added that those feelings are more intense when it comes to Mother’s Day and Christmas.

When asked if she was satisfied with the way in which the court system was handling the case, she said she was not happy about the numerous adjournments due to the witnesses not coming forward. “It seemed like the case was going nowhere,” she said.

In respect of Damion Cargill, the deaf-mute who was released into the care of his relatives, Frazer said she felt very good about it. “I wouldn’t like to know that he is being punished for something when he is in fact an innocent person,” she said.

The grieving mother told McKoys News that even though the three mentally challenged accused men could have inflicted the final blows, she was of the belief that her son was beaten before he was placed in the cell. “If they are mentally challenged and one is dangerous, it simply means he was placed in the cell with intention,” Frazer added.

Frazer also told McKoys News if the three men go free, she would be content with the fact that they are mentally challenged. “If they are guilty, knowing that they are mentally challenged, they were not conscious of the fact that they were hurting someone,” she said.

Frazer also believes the case should have been concluded already and is anticipating that justice will be served. “I just want justice to be served…When I look at it, it seems like the police are manipulating the system…In light of that, it makes it seems as if no justice is being served,” said Frazer.

She continued, “I have a feeling that the police feel as if they are above the law…Whoever breaks the law of the land should face the consequences.”

When asked to state her opinion of the justice system, Frazer said she believes the justice system works for some and not for everyone. “I just want to see justice prevail…The fact that they put him in a cell with insane men and denied him bail before the incident occurred, some penalty needs to be paid…The three police officers should not step out of court free,” Frazer concluded.

Mario Deane was taken into custody at the Barnett Street Police station in St. James by the police for possession of a ganja spliff on August 3, 2014.
He died three days later – August 6 after receiving severe injuries to the head while in custody.

Marvin Orr, Adrian Morgan and Damion Cargill were later charged with Deane’s murder.

Corporal Elaine Stewart and district constables Juliana Clevon and Marlon Grant, are the three police officers implicated in the death of Mario Deane and were also charged.

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