Mother and Son Executed in Lucea Hanover

Motor Vehicle Examiner Murdered

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: The Lucea police in the parish of Hanover are now carrying out investigation surrounding the shooting death of a mother and her son,  in the community on Wednesday night,  August 15.

Dead are Carlene Graver and her son Uton Cocket,  otherwise called ” Bigga”, both of Elgin Town in Lucea, Hanover.

Reports by the police are that about 9:30 p.m., Graver and her son were both at home when a man armed with a high powered weapon entered the yard.

The man opened fire on both occupants,  hitting Graver and Crocket to their upper bodies.

The gunman then made his escape on foot in the area, while residents alerted the police.  Upon arrival, the mother and her son were discovered suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were rushed to the Noel Holmes hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The double murder of the mother and her son has taken place just weeks following the shooting death of a 91-year-old,  woman and her 15-year-old neighbour,  in a neighbouring community in Lucea.