More Water Cutback As Water Storage Falls In Corporate Area

Additional water restrictions will come into effect from Monday, July 20 because of continuing decrease in the water in storage, the National Water Commission (NWC) says.

The NWC says its main Corporate Area storage facilities are at critically low levels. As at Friday July 18, the Mona Reservoir was at 38.2% of its capacity and hermitage was at 31.5% of capacity.

The Commission says that as of Monday, customers who are served by the Mona Treatment Plant will have their period of daily supply cut from 16 hours to 12 hours. It said: “with this adjustment some customers are likely to experience low pressures and or no water during the period of restriction.” The supply will be cut off from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following day. The areas to be impacted are:

Sections of Mona Heights, Old Hope Road, Hope Road, Hope Flats, Lady Musgrave Road, Sections of Harbour View, Cross Roads,  Cassia Park Road, Mountain View Avenue, Sections of Half Way Tree, Waterloo Road, Ravina, Devon Square, Upper Maxfield Avenue, Sections of New Kingston, Hagley Park Road, Beverly Hills and Downtown Kingston.

In the meantime, the NWC is reporting that there will be no changes to the current  regulations that are in effect for those areas served by the Constant Spring Treatment Plant. Customers will remain  on 12-hour supply cycles.

Customers in the following areas will be served between the hours of 6:00 am and  6:00pm daily:

Constant Spring Road, Constant Spring Gardens, Constant Spring Grove, Central Avenue, Manor Park, Shortwood Road, White Hall Gardens, Red Hills Road, Queensborough, Queensbury, Hughenden, Havendale, Camperdown Terrace, Manning’s Hill Road and roads leading off, Arlene Gardens, Roehampton, Meadowbrook, Valentine Gardens, Calabar Mews, Ziadie Gardens, State Gardens, Molynes Road- from Perkins Boulevard to Intersection with Washington Boulevard) , sections of Patrick City, sections of Pembroke Hall, sections of Duhaney Park.

Additionally, the areas below will be served between 6:00pm and 6:00am daily:

Cassia Park, Hagley Park, Maxfied Avenue, Eastwood Park Gardens, Molynes Road – from Eastwood Park Road (Half Way Tree) to Washington Boulevard,  Park Hagley Park Road and roads leading off, Section of Waltham Park Road, Sections of Downtown Kingston including Trench Town, Jones Town, Denham Town and Rose Town

The NWC is asking people to conserve water and abide by the Prohibition Order that prevents the use of  water for unessential purposes.

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation
Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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