Montego Bay’s Top Ice Cream Man

Here Comes Fudgie The Gal them Nutty Buddy“, these are just a few words of a song made popular by Mr. G over a decade ago, about ice cream.

Well, if you hear a horn tooting in your community it could be that Delroy Brown is passing through with his ice cream bucket.

Brown is called Cremo Brown and gets to communities considered hilly or inaccessible or even ghetto and dangerous.

Born in the Katan Lane area of St James, Brown plans to sell ice cream as long as he can go on, as it is the only living he knows, since leaving Mount Salem All-Age School.  “I have been selling ice cream for well over 40 years now. I have sold ice cream to children from some major ghetto communities in St James. I always start at Paradise Row as it is in the inner city,  and end back there and go home.” Some of the communities where he walks and sells ice cream are around Canterbury, Flanker, North Gully, King Street, and Paradise Row-Orange Street region. He wants to make mention of two items he received from two persons to whom he sold ice cream as children — an ice cream scoop and a pair of name brand shoes.

When asked if he plans to buy a bike he was quick to say a big no! “Bike can’t take me through the hills and lanes and valleys that I have to trod to meet my people,” he said.

Montego Bay's Top Ice Cream Man
Montego Bay’s Top Ice Cream Man

He said that the current COVID 19 don’t affect his selling, as more people are at home now, and need a little ice cream to eat. He said this is especially true of children. “I have never got robbed by no one, everyone knows me and respects me as a hustler in the streets, so they won’t plan to rob me. It’s only a man took about $500 worth of Ice cream and did not want to pay, and some disciplined ghetto youths summoned him to pay, and I get my money, as the youths thought he was violating me, who he born come see,” Mr. Brown said.

With the current COVID 19 crisis, he said he sticks to the government guidelines by being off the streets at 4 pm before the 6 p.m. curfew.


By Alan Lewin

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