Montego Bay Sanitation Problems

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Montego Bay Sanitation Problems: A serious situation exists in the Lightbody Avenue…Barnett Lane…Railway Lane areas of Montego Bay.

The entire area is one almighty garbage strewn mess…..plastic bottles, Styrofoam, and every imaginable type of garbage.

What complicates the situation is that this area is a very intensive business district, and one can imagine the struggles that business persons and customers have in their attempts to operate, not to mention to operate efficiently.


Montego Bay Sanitation Problems, Section of Lightbody Avenue


Mckoy’s News spoke with a businessman in the area, who was making an effort to control the situation as best as possible, while he appealed to other persons in the area to do their best to help alleviate the situation.

He said this situation came about because, apparently, the person who was responsible for cleaning the relevant streets, passed away from old age…..and no replacement has so far been appointed.

The people in the area are appealing to the responsible authorities to correct this situation as early as possible, as if allowed to continue, could cause a health problem.

In the meantime, citizens are being urged to do what they can to help the situation. We suspect that the municipal authorities are responsible for this situation…you can see the seriousness of the situation from some of our photographs…Over to you Mr. Mayor!

Errol Smith
CEO Ultimate xperience Radio.

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