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Montego Bay Man Confessed to Killing his Baby-mother and Dumping her Body


Latest Jamaica Crime [ Mckoy’s News ] Montego Bay Man Confessed to Killing his Baby-mother – A St James man has now confessed to the murder of his baby mother, on Monday, September 2, and dumping her body on a dirt track in the vicinity of Westgate Hills, in Montego Bay, St James.

The accused 40-year-old Jeconiah Dixon, assistant driver of Roehampton, also in St James, was arrested and charged with murder by detectives attached to the Montego Bay Freeport Police Department, on the weekend.

He was charged with the murder of 36-year-old Suzette Reid, a cash pot vendor of Lindos Hill address in Withorn, Westmoreland.

Reports by the police are that about 3:00 p.m., on Monday, September 2, residents in Westgate stumbled upon the female’s body which was seen lying in bushes off a dirt track in Westgate Hills community, in Montego Bay.

The police then launched an investigation which led them to Dixon’s home, who is the baby father of the slain woman.

A series of interviews were conducted with him, and he confessed to killing his baby mother.

Reports by the police are that Dixon and his baby mother got involved in a domestic dispute, when he strangled her to death, then transported her body to the location in Westgate, and dumped it.

Woman Sergeant, Ulette Lewis-Green, the Liaison officer for the parish of St James, said she is pleading with persons who are faced with domestic problems to seek counseling, in order to avoid physical confrontation.

Sergeant Lewis-Green stated that there are several organizations, community groups, and even the police, who can assist in offering counseling to persons facing these sort of problems.

She is making an appeal to individuals to seek professional help, so these domestic disputes will not reach to the level of acts of violence.

In the meantime, McKoy’s News has been reliably informed that a man who allegedly assisted with the disposal of the Suzette Reid’s body, allegedly drank gramaxone after the babyfather confessed to the murder.  The alleged accomplice is now in hospital in critical condition.

Mckoy’s News will provide you with more information as it becomes available.

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