King Evil's Murder, King Evil Buried

Montego Bay – King Evil Murdered

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – King Evil Murdered: A  man, who is said to be Area Leader in Canterbury community of Montego Bay in St James, was shot and killed by gunmen on the Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay, on Wednesday night.

He has been identified as Omar Lewis, otherwise called ” King Evil or “Scrappy “, 41 years old, of 12 1/2 Upper Kings Street (Canterbury ) in Montego Bay.

Reports from the Freeport police are that at about 7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 25, Lewis was travelling along the Howard Cooke Boulevard in
a white Toyota motor car, when another vehicle with armed men, drove up beside his car and opened fire. Lewis received multiple gunshot wounds
to his upper body and died on the spot.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival, the scene was processed.  Lewis was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Unconfirmed reports are that another man who was travelling with Lewis in the car was also shot. He was also taken to hospital where he was treated and admitted in serious condition.

The police stated that a number of the inner city gang members did not take kindly to news of Lewis’s death, and  armed themselves and
reportedly fired barrages of gunshots in several areas around Canterbury, but swift action by the police and members of the Jamaica Defense Force ensured that calm was maintained in the downtown areas of Montego Bay.

Lewis, who is said to have been the Area Leader for the Canterbury area for several years, had fled the country following his involvement in a stabbing murder incident at a nightclub in Montego Bay on  June 26, 2008. Lewis was then being sought by the police in connection with the incident which had resulted in the death of Oakley Richard Reid, 23-year-old labourer of Granville.

Reports by the police, are that at  about 4:00 am on June 26, 2008, Lewis and another man, Orlando Williams was involved in an argument
inside the Moods Night Club on  Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay.

During the dispute, both men allegedly drew knives and stabbed Reid to death then fled the scene.

On August 1st, 2008, Williams was picked up and charged with the murder. It was pointed out that Lewis had fled the country to the USA and was later arrested for  Immigration Offenses there.

Due to lack of evidence, the case against Williams was dismissed, but he was shot and killed by gunmen on October 2, in the year 2014, on  Union Street in Montego Bay.

Then on Thursday, April 27, 2017, Lewis (King Evil), was deported from the USA to Jamaica and he was  served with a Warrant of Arrest
by the Freeport police, on Tuesday, May 2, in connection with the murder of Oakley Reid.

Over the past years, Lewis has been involved in a number of crime-related incidents and was labeled as a violence producer on several occasions.

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