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Montego Bay: Howard Cooke Highway Shooting, Two Men Murdered

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaican News – December 28, 2017 

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Howard Cooke Highway Shooting: Two men were shot and killed in broad daylight before the watchful eyes of dozens of pedestrians and motorist in Montego Bay on Thursday shortly after midday.

The victims have been identified as 40-year-old Aaron Bradford Taylor of 4 Mount Rose Crescent in Coral Gardens and Catherine Hall and 41-year-old Orville Graham Fairclough of 13 Ranch Road in Westgreen.

Reports are that shortly after 12:00 midday, both men were travelling from Catherine Hall in a Toyota Caldina motor car driven by Taylor.

On reaching the Catherine Hall and Howard Cooke Stop Light intersection, in the vicinity of the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex, Taylor came to a halt at the stop light when three men travelling in a silver grey motor car pulled up alongside them and two of the men jumped out.

Howard Cooke Highway Shooting 

Taylor jumped from the steering wheel and ran in the vicinity of the Freeport Police Station which is just a few feet away but he was chased by one of the gunmen who shot him several times.

Meanwhile, the other gunman opened fire on Fairclough who was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle he too was shot to his upper body. The gunmen then escaped in the waiting motor

The Freeport police immediately rushed to the scene and the wounded men were both transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Unconfirmed reports are that one of the victims is also the brother of a Jamaican International Reggae Artist.

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