Montego Bay Call Centre Worker Found Dead in Rest Room

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (Mckoy’s News): The Freeport police in Montego Bay, St James, are carrying out an investigation into the mysterious death of a female, whose body was discovered in a male bathroom at Vikings Production Indian Wharehouse, where she work on the Montego Bay Freezone, in Montego Bay.

She has been identified as 22-year-old Donnia Johnson, of Campbell’s Road in Tucker community, St James.

Donnia’s mother Shereen Johnson, and father Clarence, say they are now demanding answers towards her death.

I will not stop until mi get some Justice for my daughter’s death,”  Johnson stated.

Donnia Johnson worked at Vikings Production at the Freezone, where she is employed as a stock clerk. She left her home on Monday at about 4:30 a.m., for work.

When she did not come home as she normally does, family members got concerned and called her cellphone which rang without an answer.

Later that night when she still did not return home, the family again rang her cellphone which again  went unanswered, and this frightened everyone because she  normally would rush home to be with her 4-year-old daughter D-Lania

Mrs. Johnson stated that about 9:20 a.m., they received a telephone call from Donnia’s workplace that they were to come to the Freezone immediately.

When I got there a security guard barred me from going inside and I started to bawl out and asked what happen to Donnia, I shouted that I wanted to see my daughter and that was when someone told me that she was dead and they did not want me to see her in the condition she was in.

The police then came and I was told she was lying dead on the floor of the male bathroom, with her underwear pulled halfway down, and it seems like her neck was broken. They let me look at her some minutes after, and I broke down almost fainted.

Donnia”s father, Clarence Johnson said he will not stop until he gets some answers, “The entire thing sounds and look suspicious, my daughter was supposed to leave work at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, yet she was found in the morning with her underwear partway down, and her phone and handbag still intact at the desk,” this needs some looking into he stated.

The Freeport police say they are now carrying out an investigation into the incident, and have not ruled out foul play. They are awaiting a postmortem examination result to assist with the investigations.

Montego Bay Freeport
Montego Bay Freeport

The police are investigating.


Source: Ripe Mango News

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