Mom weeps as son is killed by cops

Jamaica News: A teenager was shot and killed during an alleged shoot-out with the police in Catadupa, St James, yesterday morning.

He has been identified as 19-year-old Daveen Powell, labourer of Richmond Hill, also in Catadupa.

His older brother was taken into police custody, and the cops say that an illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition were seized.

However, residents and relatives of the deceased protested the killing, saying that Powell was gunned down in cold blood.

They said that he was an outstanding community member who was not involved in any wrongdoing.

Gloria Simms, mother of the two men, said they are not troublemakers.

She said that Powell, who she called ‘Pow Pow’, had recently graduated from high school.

“Him a never no bad man, and him very bright and jus pass him eight subjects. Dem father live overseas and anything dem want him send it, so dem nu have no reason fi bad,” she said.

The police reported that shortly after 1 a.m., they got news that a group of wanted men were spotted firing gunshots in the Richmond Hill community.


The lawmen say they proceeded to a particular house in the area, when they were fired upon by armed men.

The fire was returned and one man, who was later identified as Powell, was found suffering from gunshot wounds. An illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition were allegedly taken from him.

Director of Complaints at the Independent Commission of Investigations’ Western Office, Errol Chattoo, told THE WEEKEND STAR that a team of investigators visited the scene and have carried out investigations, but he was unable to give a comment at this early stage.

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