Mobile Police Station

Mobile Police Station in Sam Sharpe Square

Jamaica News, Montego Bay:  “Thank the Lord, the Mobile Police Van is Back!” expressed some overjoyed citizens of Montego Bay, upon seeing the Mobile Police Station van parked in Sam Sharpe Square.

For several years, some violent crimes have been committed in Sam Sharpe Square by brazen criminals who have no regard for the law or respect for our heritage. Lack of strong police presence has contributed immensely to the crime-infested city.

The last major crime committed was the murder of Valda Kellier, a vendor who was shot multiple times on Friday, May 4. Two men were also shot and injured in that incident. Also, over the years, robbers run rampant ridding numerous persons of gold chains and cellular phones in broad daylight.

The Mobile Police Station is now back. Citizens, business operators, and commuters can now feel safer going about their daily routines knowing that its existence provides increased security to the general public.

Colin Flowers a resident of Montego Bay who frequently passes through the city said, “Anything to help reduce crime in the city is good, it is a good move and I hope it will stay forever”.

Antonio Mckoy of Mckoy’s News also has high praises for the Mobile Police Station, “Anything to enhance security is good for Montego Bay. I welcome the move, hope also it remains there. With this Mobile Police Station here, I don’t expect to see anything bad happening in Sam Sharpe Square.”

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