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Video: Woman Demonstrates at Police Station for her Baby Lasco


Jamaica News, January 23, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Mobay Woman Demonstrates at Freeport Police Station: a Montego Bay baby-mother is very much upset with the members of the Police and the military personnel who are currently working in the State of emergency in the parish of St James.

The lady who could be seen on national tv appealing to the police personnel to give up her baby Lasco which her baby father went to purchase when he was nabbed for interrogation.

While the baby mother was not much concern about the release of the man, she was more adamant about getting back the Lasco, as the baby was hungry at the time they arrested the baby father.

Several citizens staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Freeport Police Station on Sunday, January 22 asking for the release of their loved ones, who they say are arrested innocently.

Many residents have also complained that the police are prohibiting the provision of food and clothing to persons incarcerated.

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