Mobay SS the Showstopper Ready for the big Break

 Latest Jamaica News [ Mckoy’s News] Montego Bay home-girl SS the Showstopper, says she has her sights set on dominating the national and international music charts in the very near future.

The Mt. Alvernia High School and Montego Bay Community College past student said she penned her first song whilst in third form, which was a natural progression after cementing her status as a prolific poem writer in her early adolescent years.

The self-managed artiste said she has nine years’ experience in the music business and is currently working with producers Sean Coombs, and her brother Oxydon.

“I have three songs out now that I’m currently promoting.   They are on SoundCloud and YouTube.  One is titled “Nuttn Name Free” which is really a female empowerment song because nothing in life is actually free or cheap, but for some reason, some men refuse to accept the harsh reality so I put it in a song,” she explained.

“I have another one “Don’t Badda” which is another female empowerment song on the topic of sex with more wild and raunchy content.   The third song is titled “Hot Gyal/ Jergen ” of course also a girl power song, quite assertive and declarative in content,” she added.

Despite the content of her songs, which are on the raunchy side, SS says she would not describe herself as a girl power or female empowerment artiste, but explained that her lyrics are dependent on her mood at the time of writing.

“I often write in sequence so whatever mood I’m in I’ll write a series of songs to suit my mood. But I am really feeling the girl power mood so I recorded those accordingly,” she said.

Her biggest influence in music, she says is US-based Barbadian pop artiste Rihanna, due to what she says is not only her success but ‘the fact that she isn’t grounded to any genre’, as well as Jamaicans Lady Saw and Etana.

“She’s an artiste that is successful at what she does and that’s all that matters.   There’s no box you can put her in when she is tapping into all the major genres out there and have been very successful at doing so.   I also look up to Etana, she is beautiful, beautiful voice and inspiring music; Lady Saw, because she came out at a time when dancehall was solely male-dominated so she had to work twice as hard to prove herself, go a few rounds with other male artist and she commanded respect,” the artiste stated.

Aside from dancehall, SS says there are other genres of music in which she would dabble, as, like her musical role model,  she wished not to be ‘pigeon-holed to any particular genre’.

“The first song I ever wrote was a pop song.    I use to write songs and put other artiste voice to it saying “Alaine would sound good singing this or Lady Gaga or a rock band”, so my ambition is as big as where my dream takes me,” she said.

As it relates to collaborations with other artistes, SS said while this would be on her agenda, the likelihood of her doing it at this point in her career would be very slim.

“I’m looking to cement myself in music and build my artistry which is my main priority, then I will move on to working with other artistes,” she explained.

SS, whose given name is Shellee McGregor, was raised in the church, even though her parents did not attend.

“Every Sunday was church day, Sunday school in particular and because of such, I can quote scriptures to this day. My mother hardly went and my father, you can safely say is an atheist.  In any event, I am glad they did, because they gave me the option to choose wisely instead of imposing secular beliefs and fundamentals on me,” she said.

“I’m also on a mission to finding myself and self-worth at the moment.   Self-esteem grows and as I move forward in a changing society, it’s important that I get back atonement with myself and never forget who I am.

For the (26-year-old), her happiness comes from her music and perhaps her current single status..

“My music is my significant other, I am comforted at night knowing that I’m able to accomplish something musical in the day, but in all seriousness, no I’m currently single.

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