Mississippi 6-Year-Old Boy Killed

Mississippi 6-Year-Old Boy Killed after Mom Left Him in Car at 1am

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Mississippi, USA (Mckoy’s News)Mississippi 6-Year-Old Boy Killed: there was an Amber Alert Thursday for a kidnapped 6-year-old Mississippi boy on Thursday morning, May 18. The boy was later  found shot dead inside his mother’s stolen car, authorities report.

In less than 12 hours after 6-year-old Kingston Frazier was abducted from outside a Jackson, Mississippi supermarket, he was found shot and killed. Relatives say he was a bright child who was to preparing to graduate from the first grade later on Thursday. As per Kingston’s uncle, he was excited about graduating and that was what he talked about all day Wednesday.

Jackson Police Commander, Tyree Jones told Reuters. that Kingston’s mother left her son sleeping in her car outside of a Kroger supermarket around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning. When she returned, the car, and her son was gone.

Jones said a surveillance video captured a Honda Civic driving up to the Toyota Camry in which the child was left sleeping, then a passenger of the Honda Civic got out and into the Camry with Kingston aboard. Both cars then left the supermarket parking lot.

The boy’s body was later found inside of his mother’s abandoned Camry, about 10 miles from the store, according to Police Commander Jones.

“The child was found deceased in the back of the vehicle,” he said. “He suffered at least a single gunshot wound.”

Mississippi News reported that there was a quick arrest of two suspects in relation with the Mississippi 6-year-old boy killed. The men are identified as Dwan Wakefield and DeAllen Washington, both 18.

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