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Update: Missing Woman’s Body Discovered in Tomb in Negril

Missing Woman's Body Discovered

Westmoreland, Jamaica ( McKoy’s News)Missing Woman’s Body Discovered: The Westmoreland Crime Scene Unit on Tuesday afternoon, made the gruesome discovery of the decomposing body of the female, who was reportedly murdered several weeks ago by her boyfriend, buried inside a tomb in a back room of her mother-in-law’s house in Negril Westmoreland. Her 3-year-old daughter is still missing

The victim, 24-year-old, Nadian Dyer otherwise called ” Heather ”  and her 3-year-old daughter went missing over six weeks ago but, news recently surfaced that they were murdered by her boyfriend, and their bodies cemented in a room at the house in Pee Wee Lane in West End Negril.

Missing Woman’s Body Discovered: Family Members trying to console Ms. Dyer’s mother.

The mother of the victim broke down and she was joined by screaming community members after it was made known that the decomposed body was in fact inside the Tomb.

The body was discovered shortly after 6:00 pm on Tuesday, and removed about 7:30 pm. The victim was identified by her mother by a tattoo on her arm. She also had several stab wounds to her stomach.

It is reported that, she was killed by the boyfriend who then fled the island to the USA. He reportedly called a friend and confessed that he had murdered his common-law wife and her 3-year-old baby girl.

Our news team also learnt that Dyer is the mother of three children, while the accused man is from a family of repeated violence. It is understood that two of his brothers died from the gun some time ago and a third brother died in an accident.

Investigators also pointed out that, a special team of investigators from the USA are now searching overseas for the killer while his mother is also being interrogated about the murder and her daughter-in-law’s body that was discovered in her house.

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