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Miss Jamaica Universe 2017 Contestants Spice up Central Basic School

Miss Jamaica Universe 2017 Contestants

Montego Bay, Jamaica ( McKoy’s News) Miss Jamaica Universe 2017 Contestants Spice up Central Basic School: The 2017 entrants to the Miss Jamaica Universe North-West pageant shine their lights on the Central Basic School in Norwood on Labour Day and transformed the institution with a superb facelift.

Over a dozen females turned up at the school and got involved in the Labour Day project by painting, cleaning and assisting in the construction.

On Labour Day it was not about who will wear the crown but basically about the joint effort on the part of the ladies, in making sure that the following morning all the infants are comfortable in their individual classes.

The contestants expressed that they were extremely pleased to be requested to participate in such a Labour Day activity that will be beneficial to students in the community.

The administrative staff remarked that they were exceptionally appreciative to the women’s  effort and that they had contributed to the Labour Day project in more ways than one in making it a total success.

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