Minister Robert Montague now a fashion model?

It seems as if Transport and Mining Minister Robert Montague, is planning to enter the modelling field as a second, or perhaps a third career.

The Minister, who is a trained agronomist, has been posting lots of photographs of himself posing in new designer suits lately before he heads off to speak at events.
The latest was posted today (Saturday, July 6).
“Sharp and clean!” the Minister posted as struck several poses in his new black Armani-looking suit.
“Stepping out to address the 45th Anniversary Banquet and Awards Ceremony of the Airport Authority of Jamaica,” he added.
The minister also sported a beautiful bow-tie made with the national colours.
His post racked up a barrage of compliments from his adoring female supporters, but also complaints from some constituents about a lack of water in the Minister’s Western St. Mary constituency.
“Sir, you looking sharp like a razor; clean to your step,” Sherona Briscoe posted.
“Crisp like biscuit and clean as a whistle.  Gwaan mi MP,” Arlene Douglas commented.
But Samantha Martin and Franklyn Williams did not care about the Minister’s new fashion statement.
“Mr. Montague, we all need water. Grants Town gully road corner road plz.  Even a water chuck you can send to fill up our jum an pans 1 outa 2 weeks we glad for it,” Samantha declared.
“…where is Carton Hall dry gully on the priority list to get water? In 2019, bucket on heads should be a thing of the past,” Franklyn asked the Minister.
On Wednesday Minister Montague posted six photos of himself in another designer suit, as he was about to head off to the Presidential Installation Ceremony for the Rotary Club of St. Andrew.  Flashing his trademark smile, he appeared to be also fixing his cufflinks and amusing himself, evoking comments like “UpTop Boss” “Dapper Don”.
“Sweet little black man; go me MP,” one woman, Suzette Simpson posted.

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