Minister McKenzie Critical of Human Rights Groups

Minister McKenzie Critical of Human Rights Groups: Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, lambasted human rights groups and naysayers who continue to be a roadblock to lawful measures intent on protecting the lives of Jamaicans.

In fact, he said these groups and individuals are more prone to speak about “fundamental rights, freedom and privileges” of criminals than they do about their thousands of victims.

“How many of them, who are criticizing measures put in by the Government, how many of them have reached out to families who have lost their loved ones by the hands of criminals? How many of them have counseled families who are under severe stress and pressure?” McKenzie stated.

“How many of these human rights groups know how some of the fatherless and motherless pickney in this country go to school, how they survive on a daily basis? Yet, whenever the Government speaks about tackling crime using the measures that are legally there, that our security forces ask us to implement, them jump up like born-again virgins talking about human rights,” he added.

The Minister made the points while speaking at a house handing over ceremony for an indigent family in Moreland Hill, Westmoreland, on December 9.

McKenzie stated that Jamaica is under siege by criminal elements, and it will take a united front to fight back this scourge.

He outlined that majority of the people in Jamaica support the security measures such as the State of Emergency, which when implemented, see a major reduction in murders and other serious crimes.

“So, I am hoping that my friends on the other side would think differently when the vote comes around again because this country, ladies and gentlemen, needs us. We need to do everything collectively in the fight against crime in Jamaica. It is our biggest enemy and we cannot get a hold of it unless its done collectively,” McKenzie noted.


By Alan Lewin

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