Minister Marion Hall, Formerly Lady Saw, Shares Photos With Supposed Boyfriend

Minister Marion Hall’s photo of herself relaxing with a man whom her Facebook followers are speculating is her new beau, has left tongues wagging, and some fans already seeing wedding bells coming and babies in the making.

The excitement started three days ago after the former Queen of Dancehall, who bore the moniker Lady Saw, posted a photograph of herself and a Caucasian man sitting at a café with his arm draped around her.

The smiling Jesus in the End singer had captioned the photo: “Light lunch, and good conversation”, which attracted a flurry of positive comments.

“What a beautiful couple, congrats and blessings all the way, when God ready to move him move and make all greatness happen at the right time. Seeing you smile makes us happy,” one woman wrote, while another noted: “A friendship spanning decades, nice to see you enjoying yourself Marion!! Give that man a huge hug from me, we used to drive him crazy.”

Some fans of the Minister, however, were not happy that people were assuming that the man was her boyfriend, and said the two could simply be good friends as the 48-year-old is a ‘people person’.  Others claimed to have details of the relationship, with one person claiming that “they’re old friends having lunch”.

The former dancehall artiste’s photograph came two days after she had posted a selfie of herself and the same man, which she captioned: “You’ve got the most beautiful heart.”

“You see sis I would not even join her to a relationship.  Maybe am crazy but she is such a people person always striving to put smile on people’s faces, so this can be another friend.  This is a woman of God.  It takes more or wedding maybe I don’t know but I believe in her so so so much.  Shine Minister Hall,” one woman said.

She was supported by other fans who accused Jamaicans of ‘loving people’s business’ and constantly gossiping too much.

“Well said, I don’t know how people can just join people together without knowing what this picture or occasion is about…,” one woman said, while another added: “Can I tell you?  A man and a woman cannot sit together without people going to say they’re having a relationship or something.”

One woman, however, dismissed their denials, saying that they were off target as the man’s arm and the closeness at which the two were sitting spoke volumes about their relationship.

“So happy for her come on people from the caption and the pose of the photo its love in the air nothing no wrong with that you guys blind just happy for her she deserve it, and she come a long way love you back then and love you even more now more blessings

“Girl!!  Not even my church brother could hold me like that! And I am a child of God,” another woman noted.

Apart from the congratulatory messages, there were many pronouncements that the artiste, who has no biological children, will ‘be victorious’, and will give birth to a bouncing baby, in the very near future.

“I’m in love with this picture… to God be the glory great things he has done… watch how God is going to bless her with a bouncing baby girl/boy… I declared it in the name of Jesus,’ one woman said.

“Second time now mi see her wid this dude on fb..and she seem very happy wid him around… mmmhhhhh! I see Love love love all over,” another man said, while a female fan wrote excitedly: “Come chuuu Marion!   Drop on the ring fast and a quick belly! I celebrate with you! Blessings.”

Another Jamaican based in Wyoming, said God has spoken and was granting Hall her desire to have a ‘righteous man’, because she had submitted herself to Him.

“Mighty God!  This is how God works am seeing wedding and a baby girl. When u submit to the God He give you your heart desire amen,” she wrote.

One Jamaican woman living in Kansas even went as far as to declare that the Room in My house singer would give birth, not just to one child, but to twins.

“Congrats to you. You look so beautiful and happy love is in air. Can’t wait to see the wedding and come the twins Don’t wait too long now. Love you Minster Marion Hall,” she said.

However, another Jamaican compatriot living in Montreal, Canada, was not pleased with the marriage and children declarations, claiming people were reading too much in the photo.

“She said lunch and good conversation she said nothing about dating or marriage.  Enjoy your lunch.  You look fabulous,” she said.

In 2013, the St. Mary native split with her common-law husband, music producer  John John, with whom she lived with for 17 years, after he allegedly cheated on her.  She later got baptized in 2015 and made her exit from secular music.


Source: Dancehallmag

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