Minister Edmund Bartlett is ‘Trending in Travel’

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News): Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett may not be a “Trending Youth” like his parishioner Squash of the 6IX camp, but he is certainly, and not surprisingly, “Trending in Travel”.

Two days ago Travel Pulse published an article on its website’s ‘Trending in Travel” page, where the Minister discussed his views on global tourism as well as Jamaica’s flourishing visitor arrivals.   The article came out of an indepth interview with Bartlett whom Travel Pulse credited for enabling Jamaica’s tourism to flourish, through his leadership.

According to the article, Bartlett’s targeted tourism initiatives enacted by him after his return to the Ministerial office in 2016, having previously served from 2007 to 2011, helped accelerate arrivals growth resulting in the country to be once again, poised for another record year.

In addition, through his recent establishment of the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, Bartlett’s tourism leadership extends beyond Jamaica and the Caribbean. The Centre offers an unprecedented response resource for destinations challenged by disruptions ranging from severe weather to pandemic threats,” Travel Pulse noted in the story which was also published on MSN.

In the interview, Bartlett told the reporter that the global tourism industry is very resilient, which enables it to respond to global shocks in a far more positive way than other industries.

The reality is tourism grows after shocks even faster than before the shocks. In the last 50 years we’ve had three mega-shocks that have jolted global economies and damaged industries,” he said, noting as well that the industry in the Caribbean is now providing one in five jobs and is seen as the industry of the future.

The discussion also spanned human resources development which Bartlett said is a major focus of his, for which the end result will be, among other things, the removal of “this casual work mentality that has prevailed for years, with jobs characterized by low pay and weak job security within the industry”.

We are establishing a worker’s pension that covers everybody who works in the [tourism] industry. This is a huge landmark. It’s not about a single company having a plan it’s a government plan that covers all of the moving parts, the guy that moves luggage at the airport to the guy that has a fried fish shop to guy who sells curios,” the Minister said.

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