Minister Clarifies Suspected Cases of Covid-19 in Prison

Jamaica News: Minister without portfolio in the Ministry, Matthew Samuda, on Thursday spoke on the topic of two prisoners who were or are suspected of having contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19) are currently in isolation at lockups, the Ministry of National Security has admitted.
According to Samuda the prisoners are being held at separate facilities in Kingston and St Catherine.
Samuda said there is a prisoner at Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston who has been tested and has gotten a negative result, but is still being kept in isolation as a precautionary measure.
He did not name the facility where the isolated prisoner in St Catherine is being held, but Samuda said the prisoner is receiving medication, but “does not meet the standard set out by public health (authorities) for testing”.
He said the prisoner in St Catherine is also showing signs of recovery, which would suggest that the symptoms he is having are not relative to the coronavirus.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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