Minister Calls On Citizens To Ensure They Accept Water From Reputable Sources

Jamaica News: Minister with responsibility for Water, Housing and Infrastructure, Senator the Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr., is encouraging citizens to ensure that they are accepting water from reputable sources for domestic use, particularly trucked water.

“We are alerting our citizens to ensure that they use treated water which is safe for consumption, because there are reports of persons doing (water) trucking from non-viable water sources,” the Minister said.

Senator Charles Jr. was speaking at a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’, at the agency’s headquarters, Kingston.

“We want to ensure that citizens remain healthy. That is why we have regulatory practices and procedures that are put in place, particularly with trucking and sanitisation of the trucks. Citizens need to know who is trucking the water to them. This should be someone they can verify with the National Water Commission (NWC), so they are not taking contaminated water,” the Minister said.

He pointed out that there are water sources which the NWC does not use because although the water may look clean, it has contaminants.

Citizens are also encouraged to boil their water or add the appropriate amount of bleach.

To ensure that water is safe for drinking, the NWC utilises an extensive treatment process, which begins with the collection of the untreated water from surface water sources (rivers or streams), or from underground sources (wells or springs).

This water is then taken through pipes to a treatment plant, where the necessary equipment and chemicals are then utilised to treat the water that is later distributed to customers.


Source: JIS News

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