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Minibus Driver Charged with Canadians Death in Salt Marsh Crash

Trelawny, Jamaica (McN) – Police report that they have charged the driver if the minibus involved the Salt Mash crash that killed two Canadians tourists in Trelawny this February.

Charged is Michael Plummer, 32, of Chamber Lane, in Kingston, with the death of Canadians 52-year-old Alice Damasio and 35-year-old Devon Foxx.

Salt Marsh Crash Canadians Dead

Police reports are that about 10:15 am, on Feb 4., four (4) Canadians were travelling in a Toyota Corolla Axio motor car on the northern coastal highway – in the direction towards Kingston, when their car crashed with an oncoming Toyota Hiace minibus near Greenside, in the vicinity of the Salt Marsh main road, travelling on the opposite site.

Canadian Devon Foxx, who was driving the Toyota Corolla Axio motor car, died on impact, while the three passengers were rushed to hospital in serious condition.

Canadian Alice Damasio later died at the hospital.

The Toyota Hiace minibus  driver and his passenger were also taken to hospital.

Minibus driver Michael Plummer has been charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

Plummer was offered bail in the sum of $500,000 in the Trelawny Parish Court on Tuesday.

He is to return to court on May 5.


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