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Mind Food’s Morning Charge

Fate is a mysterious thing. On the morning of Wednesday, April 3, 1968 an American soul singer, Mable John was ask to give up her room at the Lorraine Motel Number 306, to Dr. Martin Luther king jr. She was told that Mr. King was into town for a march. That night in Memphis he preached, “I’ve seen the promised land.  But I may not get there with you.” The following day he was assinnated while standing on the balcony outside of his hotel room. But did Dr. King Jr. know in his lifetime the magnitude of his contribution? Did he know that one day major cities around the world would celebrate him? Probably not, because in his lifetime, he was not referred to as a hero. They referred to him as rebel. Most of you will miss the glory while creating the story, you will seldom read your own print, and when you do, it is the negative voice of criticism that screams the loudest over all else. But I want you to know don’t  be afraid to blaze your own trail when necessary, knowing that you are very likely paving the way for the success of others behind you. Don’t look for applause often great people die without ever knowing how much they were loved, appreciated or even the magnitude of their contribution. Keep going without the applause and fanfare!
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