Millitant Calls for Fair Opportunities in the Music Industry

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Up and coming dancehall act Millitant is bewailing the unwillingness of more experienced artistes and selectors to help entertainers up the ladder.

“Greed have a lot fi do with it too for example the top Selector dem want thousands a dollar to play a song, you affi buy space on producers beats etc. Other day mi try seek a collab from an established artiste, the man ask fi US$5000. Is like dem nuh remember weh dem a come from. The young artist dem nuh have it like dat we are from the ghetto where life is rough. Dancehall soon be for the rich if a money over talent,” he told McKoy’s News.

The artiste whose given name is Chrisneve Whittaker, started his career 5-years-ago, and has since released tracks like Eliminate and Life Sentence.

Only two weeks ago, songstress Lila Ike was bashed for comments she made during a television interview when asked about music collaborations.

“Tons and tons a people a reach out fi collab. Some a dem, a really feel like yuh just nuh deh deh suh yet fi deh pan a song with Lila Iké, to be honest. I feel like most of the people reaching out to me right now would be like upcoming artistes that are seeking a way to get their self known, or get into the business, and I am not really in support of that. If you want something yuh really and truly haffi work for it,” she said.

However, Millitant is adamant to reach optimum success through hard work. He is currently promoting his latest single, Enough, which speaks to the high crime rate in Jamaica.

“It’s not just a song but a message to the people of Jamaica telling them to ease the killing

because it’s not right to be killing our own and it doesn’t look good in the media; it’s putting the country in a state of depression,” the artiste expressed.

With the well-needed message, it’s no wonder that the song has been well received since its release,” he continued.

It was released in June, and produced by Paypaz Chasaz Muzic and Love

Star Music, the labels to which he was signed in April.

Millitant is optimistic about the impending success of the track.

“Our plan for the song is for the message to reach as many ears as possible around Jamaica

and the entire world and hopefully we can start to do the right thing,” he said.

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation

Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation


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