Michael McLean Murder Trial Begins with Obeah Testimony


Jamaica news, February 1, 2018

St Thomas, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Michael McLean Murder Trial Begins: Twelve years ago, (in February 2006) Michael McLean, was arrested and charged with the killing of two women and their four children in Duhaney Pen, St Thomas.

As the trial began, a St Thomas woman yesterday recounted how she introduced McLean, the man accused of hacking these persons to death, to a “spiritual leader” after he complained that he became ill after eating a meal of steamed fish prepared by one of the victims.

The woman was giving evidence as McLean’s murder trial finally got underway in the Home Circuit Court, 12-years after he was arrested and charged with killing two women and their four children.

The unidentified witness revealed that she first accompanied McLean to see the “spiritual leader” in the community of Cottage Pen before they were advised to visit him at his home in Duckenfield later that day.

The woman said the “spiritual leader” looked at McLean’s palm before warning that he saw a “whole heap a blood. And me nuh see no gun, enuh. Me only see some sharp knives,” the woman recounted.

The witness also said that the spiritual leader instructed McLean to “go look money carry come gi me mek me wuk some science fi you although you late.”

McLean is accused of killing Patrice George-McCool, 28-years and her 3 kids – Sean Chin 9-years, Jihad George-McCool 7-years, Llyod George-McCool 2.5-years and her Aunt who was the girlfriend of Michael McClean, Terry-Ann Mohammed, 42 and 1 of her sons, Jessie O’gilvie 8.5-years.

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