Michael McLean Denies Killing St Thomas Family

Jamaica News, February 21, 2018

St Thomas, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Michael McLean Denies Killing St Thomas Family: as the trial of St. Thomas businessman, Michael McLean continued on Tuesday (February 20, 2018) before the Home Circuit, he strongly denied killing a family of six, including four children, in Prospect, St. Thomas in 2006.

McLean gave a sworn testimony on Tuesday afternoon and told the jury that the children and their mothers were killed by drug traffickers. He also claimed the mothers, Terry Ann Mohammed and Patrice McCool, were involved in drugs. He admitted that both women worked for him in his many businesses, including a bar and restaurant in Morant Bay.

McLean stated that on February 25, 2006, gunmen approached Miss Mohammed and demanded the return of guns and drugs stolen by one of her relatives. He said she was kidnapped by the gunmen after she failed to return the items and has not seen her alive again.

Michael McLean Denies Killing St Thomas Family: McLean, who claimed he was also kidnapped by the gunmen, said he witnessed the men killing 6-yr-old Jhaid McCool. Her body was buried in a shallow grave in Rosemont, St. Mary. He said the men released him after he took them to an area in Rosemont where he had hidden cocaine and a stash of US dollars in bushes.

The court also heard McLean stating that he went to have a swim and a nap at a guesthouse after he was released by the gunmen and it was during this time he received a call from a policeman that Patrice McCool and three of the children were found murdered at Prospect beach. He said the policeman and other persons also thought he was a victim.

Earlier on Tuesday, Justice Bertram Morrison rejected McLean’s no case submissions.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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