“Do you know me?” the reporter questioned Mr. Dunkley. Known you for a long time was the response that was given by the peanut vendor, Michael Dunkley.

Michael Dunkley is no doubt one of St. James famous peanut vendor. Residing from St. Elizabeth Dunkley have been selling peanut from the age of 15-years old. “I’ve been selling peanuts since my fifteen birthday and if money wasn’t been earned I would have stopped a long time ago. I have achieved a lot.” He proudly declared to the reporter.

He operates on two shifts where he comes in the Morning at 7 am and leave at 10 am and return at 5 pm. “I want to catch the passersby who are going to work and catch some when they return from work,” he stated.

The fact that he is a peanut vendor many people respected him and always shout greetings to him when they pass by. Some of his products include Drops, Bake and Raw peanuts and variety of others. They come in various sizes ranging from $50 to $1,000. Many people also buy large quantities of raw peanuts to blend their punches.

In his early years, he was a Mango vendor at the Charles Gordon market but mango is for a specific season, so he decided to stick to selling strictly peanuts.

Dunkley shows his vending permit to the St James Municipal Corporation

By: Alan Lewin

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