Metro Bus Company Workers Resume Strike after Transport Ministry Fails to Deliver

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Jamaica News: Just a day following the meeting held in Kingston on Tuesday, September 4th, between members of the National Workers Union and the Transport Ministry, the employees of the Metro Bus Company in Montego Bay, St James, are back out in their numbers protesting.

Several angry workers told our news team that, following the meeting held on Tuesday, the Ministry gave verbally agreement that they as Metro Bus workers, would start earning the same pay and benefits, as those given to their sister employees at the JUTC company in Kingston.

The Metro Company workers then agreed that would be working only the morning shift,  on Wednesday, September 5th, which starts from 5:30 am up until 12:00 mid-day, if by then,  the Ministry of Transport fails to give them these new agreements in writing, they will  not be completing the afternoon shift.

The workers stated that up to 6:00 am, on Thursday, they still have now heard anything from the Management at the Metro Company office, or the representative at the Ministry.

Khurt Fletcher, All Island  Supervisor , for the National Workers Union told our news team that, despite having a meeting with the management at the Metro Bus Company office in Montego Bay, on Monday morning,  and the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday, there has still not been any form of documented agreement indicating that they are willing to settle the needs of the disgruntled workers.

Fletcher stated that he fully supports the decision taken by the Metro workers to resume their protest, until they are given documented proof of the agreement, by the Ministry.

Students,  teachers and other commuters,  who travels via  the Metro Buses were left stranded on Monday morning , as bus drivers, conductors,  conductresses, washers and  mechanics employed to the Metro  Bus Company in Montego Bay,  St James,  staged a two days protest, over what they claim to be poor treatment on the behalf of the Management at the Metro Bus Company  and the Transport  Ministry.

Over thirty workers took a stand on the compound of the Metro Company located at Bogue Estate and protested over low salaries, uniforms not issued, Health Cards been down and no one able to access the health benefits.

These problems have been taking place for some time now.

Our news team also learned from the concern drivers and conductors that despite being back on the job,  they are very concern with transport situation at the office, as only three buses are operational,  and expected to be used to transport hundreds of passengers to dozens of locations on a daily basis.

On a normal day, a fleet of ten buses would ply several routes around western Jamaica.

4 would travel Via Falmouth,  2 – via Sandy Bay,  2 -via Cambridge,  1 – via Wakefield and the other via Kncokalva.


By: News Reporter

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