Mentally Challenged Man Accused of Chopping Manchester Police Corporal has been Charged

Jamaica Crime News, Manchester: The police in Christiana, Manchester has confirmed that the mentally challenged man who viciously attacked and chopped a Police Corporal on Tuesday morning, April 18, has been officially charged.

The lawmen further stated that the accused whose name is being withheld was recently charged with Wounding with Intent.

The officer, Corporal Oraine Boothe who hails from the parish of Manchester, was stationed at the Christiana Traffic Department and has been enrolled in the police force for over 13 years.

Reports are that shortly after 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning, April 18, Corporal Boothe left the Christiana Police Station on his motorcycle and was carrying out his regular traffic duties in the busy downtown area in the township.

It is further stated that the Police Corporal was riding down Main Street when he was approached by the accused who used a machete to inflict several chops to his face.

Several eyewitnesses who were in the area and saw what was taking place turn upon the accused mentally challenged man and gave him a sound beating. The residents then assisted the wounded police officer to hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

Minutes following the incident, gunshots rang out and it was discovered that a bystander had been shot and injured.  Up to date, the police have still not confirmed who fired the gunshots.


By Henry Bucknor         

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